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Šuster Jan -
kameraman - active
Na Šafránce 7
101 00  Praha 10
GSM: +420 777 139 714
Email: suster.jan@gmail.com
Osobní stránky: www.jansuster.com



Jan Suster was born in Prague in 1982. He grew up in a family with a deep artistic tradition where he was naturally introduced to film since he was a kid . He started his secondary school education on Vaclav Hollar’s High School, one of the most relevant art schools in the Czech Republic. There he was automatically captivated by the process of art creation and practiced several disciplines, from painting, sculpture and design to photography. Discovering that film was his passion lead him to enroll the Film and TV School of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), where he was successfully accepted as a student of the Cinematography Department. During 7 years long studies he shot music videos, documentaries and short films, developing also his professional career working as AC on several features films and commercials. In 2010 he graduated and started to work on a full time job as a cinematographer. In the same year Jan was honored by the Association of Czech Cinematographers ACK for his final film as a student “Schizophrenia”.