9th International Cinematographers Film Festival - KAMERA OKO 



5th  International Cinematographers Film Festival - KAMERA OKO 




4th  International Cinematographers Film Festival - KAMERA OKO 







3rd  International Cinematographers Film Festival - KAMERA OKO 




2nd  International Cinematographers Film Festival - KAMERA OKO 

The film Bibliotheque Pascal won the award for the Best cinematography in the International Competition. Award comes together with a reward of 1 000 euro for the cinematographer of the awarded film, and also a reward for the Czech screening license owner. Hungarian cinematographer Andreás Nagy personally received the award from Radana Zapletalová,  chair of the Cultural Commission of the Ostrava City Council. The financial reward goes also to the Czech distribution company AČFK, represented by Pavel Bednařík. The jury gave the award to the Bibliothéque Pascal in appreciation of its strong expressive reflexion. The jury was captivated by a European story covering vast space and several stylistic moods, which depicts a humanistic story, poetic, humoristic, dark and bizarre. Andreás Nagy has contributed essentially with great technical and creative input to director’s vision.

The jury awarded Special Mention to the film Tender Son, made by director Kornel Mundruczó and cinematographer Mátyás Erdély in a German-Hungarian-Austrian coproduction. Ivana Košuličová, representative of the distributor, received the Special Mention from Kateřina Ondřejková, manager of the project Ostrava 2015 . The jury appreciated the beautiful monochromatic imagery, the masterly use of camera movement and the co-operation between the cinematographer and the director.

The film 100 Days won the award in the National Best Cinematography Short Film Competition. This award comes together with a material reward of 5000 m of Kodak filming material. The director of the film Viera Čákanyová received the award on behalf of the cinematographer Vojtěch Vančura. She received the award from Jan Růžička, the cinematographer of Jan Švankmajer’s film Surviving Life, which was screened in preview during the festival ending ceremony.

Films in the International Best Cinematography Competition and the National Short Film Competition were judged by an international 3-member jury. The members of the jury are Danish cinematographer Andreas Fischer-Hansen, representative of the Association of Czech Cinematographers Marek Jícha and documentarist Mira Erdevički-Charap.


„This year we were very pleased by several things: the establishment of the International Competition and the fact that it was able to attract so many prestigious films. We were also pleased by the success of outdoor projections and the introduction of an accreditation system, which significantly improved service for the festival visitors,” says the director of the festival Jakub Felcman.

The festival lasted for ten days, during which 81 films were screened and 141 shows took place in total. Films were screened in five Ostrava projection halls, but also in the Hlubina Mine, on the grounds of the Vitkovice Steelworks, in the former industrial hall Veronikárna, on a riverbank under the Miloš Sýkora Bridge and on houses on Hlavní Třída in Poruba. The festival was preceded by a series of summer film projections named Cinema Under the Moonlight, which took place in several prominent places in Ostrava and attracted many spectators.

Many film professionals visited Ostrava during the festival, among others director and cinematographer Ivan Vojnár, director and cinematographer Olivier Booming, Vít and Pavel Klusák, cinematographer Miloslav Holman, cinematographer Brano Pažitka, director Denes Orosz, cinematographer Adam Fillenz, director and cinematographer Ohad Milstein, cinematographer Leonard Lehmann, cinematographer Roberto Fernandez, director Ondřej Provazník, director Jiří Krejčík, producer Saula Benavente and many others. Many of the guests also took part in the National Competition, for example Ondřej Belica, Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská, Jakub Šmíd, etc.